Noris-licious is well known as a versatile performer in the then “Boom-Boom Room”.
He performs side by side with Singapore Icon, KUMAR,
after being crowned “Drag Queen 2000” in a grand competition inVENOM Club.

In 2006, he was than nominated as “Drag Queen of The Year 2006” in Zouk.
He has judged various annual competition and hosted many events ever since.
He also appeared in a TV Drama series “ROUGE” and a local Movie production “881”.

This multi talented performer has also done various Shows in Clubs mainly
Product Launches, Special Events, Promotional Parties and many more.

With his wide spectrum of extensive experiences in entertainment industries,
he has made many clients in their Dinner and Dance Events smile with satisfaction guaranteed.

His spontaneous and wittiness talent, ables’ him to adapt easily and never fail to make anyone laughs.






Registration No : T11LL2294H

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    10 Anson Road, #27-15
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